The RHIZOME Report - Episode 5

On the most recent episode of the RHIZOME Report, team member William McKenzie chatted with Radiofriendly of ICONation about his team’s motivation for running for P-Rep, reward sharing, the state of ICONsensus, roadblocks, and other topics.

Radiofriendly began by recalling the process for joining the ICONation P-Rep team. “I didn’t know if I would be on a P-Rep team, and I certainly didn’t expect it. I remember when they announced ICONsensus, I had just kind of thrown my name out there and volunteered.

“I remember Spl3en was kind enough to offer me an invitation to join ICONation, and that was a no brainer. You know a good opportunity when you see one or when you hear one, so when he had offered that invitation to me it was a no brainer to join the team,” he said.

Up to this point, Radiofriendly’s responsibilities been to produce written and YouTube content. However, looking forward, he’ll likely become more of a project manager, overseeing development efforts.

“This feels a lot like it’s going from a part-time moderation & content job to a full-time project manager sort of job for ICONation, so I’m excited about that and really looking forward to it,” he said.

The conversation then pivoted to reward sharing – a topic that has dominated the ICON community over the past month.

Ultimately, Radiofriendly believed there was an initial lack of clarity from the ICON Foundation regarding whether reward sharing was prohibited or not. “I would put myself in the corner among people who are against P-Reps offering additional rewards. The solution that I like is one that UBIK has actually put on the table. Russell from UBIK has stated multiple times ‘Look, we don’t care if it’s only us offering these rewards, we want to see ICONists get rewarded for locking up their coins for longer periods of time.’ There are certainly some benefits that all ICONists can reap from that strategy, so I would like to see long-term staking rewards built into the IISS itself,” concluded Radiofriendly.

The discussion then turned to the current debate regarding whether P-Reps should receive the same reward amount, regardless of their vote share.

“I understand the logic behind it, and there’s certainly points that would support that, but at the end of the day, adding additional incentives and creating somewhat of a competitive atmosphere brings out the best in all of these teams, so if you have big, ambitious goals, you’re probably going to need a decent amount of money to pull off those goals, and the only way you can get there is to find a way to create something that is attractive to ICONIsts that they’ll vote for you and put you up top so you have the rewards you need to accomplish what you want to do,” said Radiofriendly.

He then laid out the lack of incentives in an “equal reward” system. “If you’re sitting at number 18, what’s your motivation to work harder? What’s your motivation to do more? You’re getting the same as the number 1 group – who cares if we’re number 18? We’re rolling in the dough here – who cares?” he concluded.

The conversation then pivoted to a discussion about the positive change in tone among the community as a whole, with more substantive governance debates occurring rather than consistent “when moon?” comments.

“All the increased participation has been awesome,” said Radiofriendly. “It’s good to see the the topics changing from what they were to what they are. It feels like we’re maturing a little bit and it’s a good feeling.

“We can sit around and talk about price all day, but the bottom line is that it’s the underlying things that matter more, the fundamentals matter more, and I’m far more excited to be talking about those things today,” he concluded.

The two then discussed the logistics of running a P-Rep operation and how to plan for the future.

“There’s a little bit of uncertainty, so we’re uncertain about where we’re going to land in the grand scheme of things here. We’ve kind of got to plan for a lot of scenarios. We’ve got to figure out, well if we’re here we’ve got to plan on this sort of budget, if we’re there we have to plan on this sort of budget, we might be able to do this initiative, maybe,” Radiofriendly said.

The conversation concluded with a discussion about the makeup of teams and vision on how both RHIZOME and ICONation plan to expand their team talent in the future.

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