Block Production

Our infrastructure for block production is powered by Google Cloud Platform. For our block producing node, we utilize Google’s compute-optimized VMs with the following specs.

  • Google C2 Compute-Optimized VM
  • 30 Intel Xeon CPUs (3.8GHz)
  • 120 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD (Boot Disk)
  • 1 TB SSD (Data Disk)

Node Toolbox

Node Toolbox is a set of tools designed to speed up the node deployment process. With Node Toolbox, you can set up a fully functional citizen or P-Rep node in less than two minutes.

Node Monitor

Node Monitor is a Python tool that can be used to monitor an ICON citizen or P-Rep node for downtime, specifically a non-incremental block height. To do this, Node Monitor makes two requests to your node’s API endpoint, and extracts the block_height number from the response. If the block height of both requests are equal, an alert is sent to Slack.

Content Creation

The RHIZOME Report

The RHIZOME Report is a bi-weekly podcast and video series that covers the latest news and updates from the ICON ecosystem.


The RHIZOME Wire is our weekly newsletter with sharp and original analysis of the ICON ecosystem along with news from the blockchain industry.



MetrICX allows you to track and view your own staking data, vote allocation, current i_Score, projected returns, and other information all from your mobile phone. Meanwhile, future releases will include additional features such as push notifications regarding P-Rep productivity, I-Score availability, and P-Rep announcements.

MetrICX is available for iOS and Android.


Marvin is a price feed application (bot) designed to provide an hourly price update to a Daedric SCORE running on the ICON public chain. Marvin has been written in .Net Core 2.1 and is able to run on Windows, Ubuntu, or on Amazon Web Services Lambda.