MetrICX v2.0

RHIZOME is proud to announce the release of MetrICX 2.0 on Android and iOS.

While RHIZOME has been making minor upgrades to MetrICX since its original release, this version represents the most significant update thus far.

Most obvious among feature upgrades is an overhauled user interface, which includes a number of aesthetic and practical upgrades to improve the overall user experience.

Other major changes include:

  • The ability to add (and label) multiple wallets. Users will be able to easily swipe between their added wallets on Holdings/Wallets, Governance, and Tokens screens.
  • Users can now view IRC-20 token balances for all wallets. In addition, those who hold TAP will be able to view projected daily dividends paid out from the ICONbet platform. Deposit notifications will also now apply to both ICX deposits as well as IRC-20 deposits.

MetrICX version 2.0 also includes a number of minor changes, in addition to the several updates that have occurred since the initial launch of the app.

As always, please feel free to reach out to RHIZOME on our Telegram channel to provide input, point out any problems with the app, or make any feature suggestions.