RHIZOME is an ICON P-Rep focused on creating and marketing content about the ICON ecosystem.

Brian Li, Team Lead

Brian Li is a blockchain writer and analyst based in Tokyo, Japan. Over the years, Brian has worked in various roles in a number of industries – communications for an AirAsia blockchain project, electronic music design for Disney Theatrical, C-level management for Shanghai-based Little Ondine, and more. Brian has been a supporter of the ICON project since its early days, and would like to contribute his content marketing and productions skills to assist his fellow ICONists in hyperconnecting the world.

William McKenzie, Content Manager

William McKenzie is a blockchain enthusiast, researcher, and avid writer based in Tennessee, USA. Currently, William contributes to Reactcrypto.net and the Tezos Commons Foundation. William has always been an avid supporter and well regarded within the ICON community since early 2018. It is William’s goal to see that the ICON ecosystem is met with a robust, and clear content marketing strategy. To that end, William will co-host a bi-weekly podcast and focus on SEO, targeting key ICON-related terms to bolster awareness of the ICON project.

ICONOGRAPHER, Researcher & Writer

ICONOGRAPHER is an ICON enthusiast and analyst based in Southern California. He owns his own small consulting business and has a background working in political campaigns and government. His skill set also includes graphic design, video production, and copywriting. An ICON supporter since 2017, ICONOGRAPHER’s goal is to help the world understand ICON in unique and exciting ways.

Andrew Burns, Developer

Andrew has a Bachelor of Information Technology from The University of Western Sydney, and twelve years of experience working as a developer in the finance industry. The last 5 years, Andrew has worked in a small Agile team as a lead software developer refactoring large legacy applications into modern frameworks. Experienced in C#, Angular modern, and AngularJS. Andrew is passionate about learning and using his experience to add value to the ICON ecosystem.

Wallet Addresses

ICX: hx4a43790d44b07909d20fbcc233548fc80f7a4067
ICX: hx9b402cbf72f713efd6b8d7a709cb6eb7ed7695cd