The RHIZOME Report - Episode 3

On the second episode of “The Rhizome Report,” Rhizome team member William McKenzie took a few minutes to speak with Edouard Lavidalle from POS Bakerz, another candidate for ICON P-Rep.

POS Bakerz is a staking as service entity that launched in January of 2019, beginning with serving as a “baker” (block validator) on the Tezos network. In addition, they’ve been serving as validators on the Cosmos network since the second version of Cosmos, along with other networks such as Terra Money, Irisnet, Algorand. Now, they look forward to incorporating their experience to validate on the ICON network as a P-Rep.

After spending a few minutes discussing the history and development of the Tezos project, William and Edouard began to discuss the imminent decentralization of the ICON network and the P-Rep campaign of POS Bakerz.

“Our campaign is based on 6 key points,” said Edouard. “The first one is to provide a reliable infrastructure, the second one is to use our experience of validating on other proof-of-stake protocols in order to be a good validator on ICON, the third is to contribute to project development.”

When it comes to development, POS Bakerz is already working on an idea of a dashboard to track rewards. In addition, Edouard pointed out that - with backgrounds in finance - they are exploring projects related to decentralized asset management.

In terms of the three other key points of their campaign, Edouard stated that “the fourth is about the community, the fifth is about governance, and the sixth being giving back to the ecosystem.”

“So far we’ve been mostly focused on the community aspect,” continued Edouard. “We’ve produced a lot of content ourselves.” He pointed to the team’s existing Medium blog as an initial example. He also pointed out their activity in the ICON Telegram chat, especially helping answer questions and resolve issues faced by ICONists.

After discussion of the candidacy, the interview pivoted to recent news about the Seoul municipal government adopting ICON for their blockchain services.

When asked about his thoughts on the news, Edouard said, “It shows ICON’s well involved within the Seoul blockchain community. I think that the Korean government and the Seoul metro are very close to ICON and they themselves are believers in the technology behind ICON. First it’s going to be on the loopchain private chain that hopefully in the future will be connected to the whole ICON ecosystem through the nexus. I hope this opportunity is just one of the first opportunities towards building this hyperconnected network around ICON, where you would have lots of private chains or public chains with their own parameters then communicating with the whole network.”

William added to the discussion, pointing out that the ICON public chain was a like a system of roads. “These roads, they are kind of pointless if there are no cities to connect to. The best way to think of the cities in this sense is ICONLOOP creating all these cities for ICON to connect to in an interoperable manner.”

Following this discussion, William then asked Edouard about the idea of teams giving back their representative rewards to those who delegate with them, as multiple P-Rep candidates have promised.

“I think there are a lot of ways you can give back to the ecosystem,” said Edouard. “You can finance projects within the ecosystem, you can build some tools for the ecosystem, or DApps.”

“Giving back to the ecosystem is good, but giving back your rewards to your delegators up to 90%–that sounds kind of crazy to me,” said Edouard. “How will this get implemented technically once elected? How will they actually be able to keep that promise? Will this be transparent and auditible? Will this be done on chain with some tools they develop themselves?”

As the podcast closed out, Edouard finished by reminding all ICONists that pre-voting for P-Rep candidates begins on August 26th, with ICON setting aside 3 million ICX as rewards for those who participate - so it’s important that you be a part of that process if you’d like those rewards!

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