Introducing "RHIZOME Wire" - A Weekly Newsletter for ICONists

Today, we are excited that this Friday will be the official launch of RHIZOME Wire, our new weekly newsletter dedicated to ensuring ICONists are up-to-date on the latest news, analysis, and activity in both the ICON community and blockchain industry.

Each weekly newsletter will include either some or all of the following:

  • Exclusive analysis on relevant topics within the ICON ecosystem. While this analysis may be made available to non-subscribers at a future date, subscribers to RHIZOME Wire will be among the first to read it.
  • Highlights of important social media posts, discussions, or statements from the ICON Foundation team or leading voices in the community. Key bits of news relating to ICON either directly or indirectly, possibly including brief analysis of why such news may be important for the project. Relevant information about other P-Rep activities and ICONSENSUS issues. Other tidbits ICONists, the community, or mainstream media may find important or relevant from the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency universe in general. In the future, we may add or remove certain content, depending on feedback from the community on what they find interesting.

Ultimately, the goal of RHIZOME Wire is to ensure ICONists are as informed as they can be about what’s happening with ICON, even if they aren’t able to check in as frequently as they’d like to.

However – and perhaps most importantly – we also will work to gradually expand our reach beyond the ICON community to general blockchain / cryptocurrency audiences to ensure news and information about ICON travels far and wide. Our long-term goal is to ensure that the RHIZOME Wire isn’t just the most-read publication in the ICON community, but among the most-read in the blockchain community.

If you’d like to subscribe, feel free to do so by clicking here, or entering your e-mail address into the form below. It’s free, of course. The first issue will be delivered this Friday, November 15th, and subsequently every Friday thereafter.