Coming Soon: MetrICX

Today, RHIZOME is proud to announce our first ICON Dapp, MetrICX. MetrICX allows you to track and view your own staking data, vote allocation, current i_Score, projected returns, and other information all from your mobile phone. Meanwhile, future releases will include additional features such as push notifications regarding P-Rep productivity, I_Score availability, and P-Rep announcements.

While much of this data is readily available through the ICONex Chrome extension, accessing it requires logging in either via your computer or with cold storage. MetrICX allows you to view this data without requiring any such login. 

MetrICX is currently in the final stages of development and testing, and will be made available soon on Android, followed by iOS.

Core Features

Simply input your public wallet address into MetrICX, and you’ll be able to view:

Available Balance - The total amount of liquid ICX held in your wallet at that moment. This figure does not include currently-staked ICX, as it is not liquid.

Un-staking Period - The number of days you have remaining before being able to access your ICX if you’ve elected to un-stake.

Staked - The total amount of ICX you’ve staked in this wallet. 

Total & Unclaimed ICX - This figure includes the total amount of ICX you own (both liquid and staked), as well as the total amount of ICX that is currently unclaimed in the form of your I_Score. This way, you can view how much ICX is waiting for you without having to login to your wallet to check.

Earnings over time - View the projected amount of ICX you’d generate via compound interest at the current reward rate. Currently, this is calculated on a weekly basis, but presented as a monthly figure.

Reward Summary - View the total rewards you’re projected to receive for the year at the current reward rate, which is also present in this section. This section also displays the current “un-stake period” for the network, indicating how many days you’d need to wait before being able to access your ICX if you decide to un-stake.

Staking Distribution - View a visual representation of your allocated delegation toward P-Rep candidates.

P-Rep Status - View the current status of the P-Reps you have voted for. This includes their productivity ratio, total vote allocation, and vote % among all ICONists.

Network Summary - View the number of ICX currently staked and % of network staked, as well as the current number of P-Rep candidates.

Additional Features

Among one of the features in development for future release is a portal to allow P-Reps to send updates and information (via the public chain) to their delegators (should the user wish to receive such updates) via MetrICX. This will allow users to receive important information from the P-Reps they’re currently voting for.

In addition, MetrICX will provide users with the option of receiving push notifications when their I_Score has been made available for a given day, and the amount of I_Score they are receiving. 

Users will also have the opportunity to receive push notifications to alert them if one of their P-Rep candidates sees their productivity ratio dip below a certain threshold (to be selected by the user).

While notifications will likely not be available upon initial release, we’re aiming to ensure they are available in subsequent versions.

Over time, we will be adding additional features and will be taking feature requests from the community as well. 

Release Timeline

RHIZOME is currently in the final development and testing phase of MetrICX. Accordingly, we will be releasing the Android version of MetrICX in the coming weeks, followed by the iOS version shortly thereafter.