ICON Sponsorship at Consensus 2020

Today, we are excited to share more details about the ICON sponsorship of Consensus 2020. P-Rep teams UBIK Capital, RHIZOME, ICONation, Catalyst, ICONVIET, Mineable, SymmetrySLC, and ICON Chicago have committed funding for sponsoring ICON at one of the world’s largest blockchain conferences - Consensus 2020.

In the words of Steve Jobs:

A lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

The aforementioned quote transcribes the importance of marketing to a targeted investor demographic. That’s the goal behind the initiative to sponsor Consensus 2020. On average, since the beginning of Consensus in 2015 - the event has attained roughly 3,600 attendees. This year’s consensus is expected to have 5,500 attendees across many different walks of life. With this in mind, it is clear that Consensus is the “big event” and obtaining sponsorship for ICON will accomplish several things.

First and foremost, we want the world and the entire blockchain space to know ICON is not “dead”. Attendance in events with the magnitude such as Consensus is expected for many leading projects in the blockchain space. Rumors or negative remarks may spark when industry leading projects don’t attend, as attendance in an event such as Consensus is almost universally expected - especially for a industry leading project such as ICON.

An Ecosystem-Wide Initiative

Thanks to UBIK Capital, who has spearheaded this initiative - several P-Rep teams have committed funding and others including ICON DAO, Parrot 9, WeBloc, and Reliant Node will be contributing through collaboration.

  • UBIK Capital: Has organized and spearheaded the Consensus 2020 sponsorship initiative. UBIK Capital will provide funding, leading the planning and setup of the booth, and will aid in running it during the conference.
  • ICONation: Has committed funding and will assist in creating static ads to be displayed in the main ballroom area as well as manning the booth. ICONation will also bring camera equipment and obtain footage/conduct interviews during the event.
  • RHIZOME: Has committed funding and will create brochures for people who come to ICON’s booth. RHIZOME will also be bringing high-end video/audio equipment and obtain coverage from the event and conduct interviews with other notable projects/attendees.
  • WeBloc: Will be assisting with running the booth, and demonstrating a DApp running on the ICON network. This will give attendees a chance to interact with a team who is actively building on ICON.
  • ICONVIET: Has committed funding, will be assisting in video production and manning the booth.
  • Mineable: Has committed funding and will create several videos to be played on a loop in the main ballroom area. Mineable will also assist in the creation of static ads to be played in the ballroom area in front of thousands of attendees.
  • Catalyst: Has committed funding, helped organize, and plan the Consensus 2020 sponsorship initiative.
  • SymmetrySLC: Has committed funding for sponsorship.
  • ICON Chicago: Has committed funding for sponsorship.
  • Parrot 9: Will be assisting in providing infographics to use at the booth for people passing by and/or stopping by to see. Parrot 9 will also help with other areas requiring graphics usage.
  • ICON DAO: Will be assisting in helping set up a broof demo at ICON’s booth. ICON DAO also plans to be present in the booth area and helping attendees who stop by ICON’s booth learn more about ICON.
  • Reliant Node: Will provide several hundred gift cards to give away at Consensus to people who stop by and complete a demo at ICON’s booth. These gift cards will be powered by their newly launched “Marvelous” ICON gift card service.

The sponsorship effort by these P-Rep teams will bring ICON front and center to the top influencers in this space, industry professionals, investors, and other blockchain projects. Our combined efforts will entail a booth dedicated to ICON, featuring demonstrations, educational materials, giveaways, and more.

Additionally, ICON will be featured in front of all attendees at each meal with custom videos playing during the beginning of the meal, and static ads displayed for the duration.

Lastly, ICON will be featured as a “two block” sponsor, next to the likes of companies such as IBM, Bakkt, and more. We are confident this combined effort will show the world ICON is alive and doing well, planning for growth, and setting itself up to be a long-term leader in the blockchain space.


It is of the utmost importance to be sure that ICON retains as much attention as possible at one of the largest blockchain conferences in the world. Every P-Rep team that has committed funding and/or will be assisting in this endeavor realizes the potential of getting the word out about ICON. To that end, we want the entire blockchain space and the world to know that ICON is indeed, not “dead”.