RHIZOME Progress Report

With the pre-voting period for P-Reps approaching in less than two weeks, we wanted to take a moment to update the community on what RHIZOME has produced thus far. If you’re the type that believes past performance is an indicator of future activity, we think you’ll be encouraged by what we’ve done thus far.


RHIZOME team members have been creating unique content about the ICON project dating back since practically the beginning of the project.

Written content has been produced on the RHIZOME blog, as well as the blogs of team members William McKenzie and Brian Li, as well as the Medium account of Iconographer (which includes the lengthy “ICON 101” series).

Audio content has been produced in the form of our podcast, “The RHIZOME Report,” which has and will continue to put out regular episodes featuring interviews with other prominent members of the ICON community. 

Meanwhile, video content is being generated on RHIZOME’s own YouTube channel through our “RHIZOME Offline” series, which is focused on providing ICONists with the latest news and updates about the ICON ecosystem.

For a full index of all the content that has been produced thus far, be sure to visit our ICON resources page on GitHub.

As of our last count, which is now out of date, RHIZOME has produced more than 48,000 words on ICON related articles with 108 minutes and over 55,000 views on ICON related video content.

The above of course does not include our ongoing interactions with the community on Reddit, Telegram, and Twitter; as a result of time zones throughout the world, our team members are consistently communicating with the ICON community throughout the day.


While we believe content is important to the long-term growth of ICON, we also believe that without development, the ICON network will lack value. 

Accordingly, RHIZOME recruited Australia-based developer Andrew Burns to allow our team to develop useful tools, services, and applications on the ICON network. Almost immediately, Andrew got to work building Marvin, a .NET-based bot that feeds the price of ICX to ICONation’s price oracle, Daedric.

Not only do we now have a developer, but Andrew is skilled in .NET, which is one of the most used frameworks in the world. A lot of big names (StackOverflow, Microsoft, Dell, etc.) use .NET especially if their platform is built on top of a Microsoft stack.

As a result of Andrew’s proficiency in .NET-based development, we will be creating resources that teach .NET devs how to build on top of the blockchain over the coming months. These resources will have the potential to bring more interest into the platform and to our knowledge, there are not many other blockchain projects that have a well-supported .NET SDK.

Node Reliability

Of course, doing the cool stuff described above would be useless if RHIZOME was operating a node that wasn’t reliable. Not only do we want to ensure the stability of the ICON network, but we also don’t want to create even the slightest chance that ICONists who delegate their ICX to us will be at risk of the 6% block productivity penalty.

Over the course of the last few months, RHIZOME has tested four different node configurations on the ICON testnet utilizing world-class infrastructure from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. Accordingly, RHIZOME has taken a number of steps to ensure our server is as reliable as possible.

This includes…

  • Testing four different server configurations since June 5, 2019 on the ICON testnet with no unplanned downtime during this process. 
  • Launching primary and backup nodes on different providers, and in different regions of the world to minimize the possibility of provider-based or geographically-based downtime.
  • Building a notification system that pings our node every 15 seconds to ensure it is working properly. In the unlikely event that our server is down, our system will call multiple team members on our cell phones to notify us of the issue.

Ultimately, we believe the steps we have taken to establish a reliable node, as well as the steps toward monitoring, will protect both the ICON network and those who delegate their ICX to our team.

The Future

Of course, should we be elected as a P-Rep, our team will have the ability to increase the rate and volume at which we develop unique content benefitting the ICON ecosystem, as well as the amount of resources we can dedicate to development.

Additionally, beyond what we will accomplish internally, we will also set aside 75% of our profits to fund projects that help grow the ICON ecosystem, including building DApps, additional content creation, and general development projects.

With Rhizome as a P-Rep, the community will benefit from high-quality, high-volume content, development of the ICON ecosystem, and a node that will be as reliable as possible. We hope to earn your support!