ICON CORE by RHIZOME, UBIK Capital, ICONation, and Sharpn

TOKYO, November 13, 2019: Today, RHIZOME is excited to announce ICON CORE, a developer-focused portal and toolset designed to improve the process of onboarding developers on the ICON blockchain. To create ICON CORE, RHIZOME will be collaborating with fellow P-Reps UBIK Capital, ICONation, and Sharpn.

ICON offers a variety of SDKs (software development kits) in various languages including Python, Javascript, Java, Swift, C#, C++, and PHP. The goal of ICON CORE is to extend the basic documentation available on icondev.io by providing a well-documented codebase for a variety of real-world applications of the ICON blockchain in various programming languages.

The use case is clear. Imagine you are a Swift developer who is interested in developing on the ICON blockchain. You see a Python-based tutorial, but can’t find the equivalent material written for Swift. At this point, you may choose to either learn a little Python, or move on to another task. With ICON CORE, the goal is to remove the potential for friction in the learning process, and to make development on ICON more accessible for developers of all backgrounds.

To start, ICON CORE will focus on building an initial list of mini-projects in Python, Javascript, Swift, and .NET, as these four programming languages cover a large range of developers worldwide. At a later stage, we will incorporate the remaining SDKs, and provide localized versions of the portal in various languages.

We look forward to this multi-team collaboration with the goal of providing developers with a more pleasant and efficient experience building on the ICON blockchain. We are targeting a Q1 2020 release for ICON CORE. To stay updated on our progress with ICON CORE, subscribe to our blog below or follow us on Twitter.